When I was 19, I knew that I wanted to tell stories for a living.



Storytelling is both an art and a profession, but back then an advisor told me that "creatives" didn't know business.

I couldn't accept that. 

That year, I co-founded a campus magazine to create a platform for students of color. We reached subscribers nationwide and received sponsorship from Fortune 500 corporations.

At age 21, I became the youngest-ever Manager at MTV Networks. I wrote presentations that brought multi-million dollar investments to VH1 initiatives.

At age 25, when I began interning at design+technology consultancy Bureau Blank, I set a goal to become a Director. Two years later, I was named Director of Strategy. And if you've taken the NYC subway this year, you've likely seen my team's work in ads on platforms and trains. 

Through these experiences, I've learned the creative, business, and leadership skills that are critical to telling stories that move people.

I want to share those skills with you. I want to help get your story ready.

Big presentation coming up? Planning to make a career move? Use the form to share how your story could use some extra help.

Storytelling for Ideas:

  • Pitching Your Startup Idea
  • Branding for Beginners
  • Brainstorming for Teams

Storytelling for Careers:

  • Polishing Your Resum√© and Cover Letter
  • Acing the Interview
  • Writing Emails That Get Results
  • Communicating With Coworkers
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